“I write in these pages because the pages do not forget.

I grow old and I grow fast. The twilight of death wraps around me like a wintry blanket. Oh how the chill of Al-Kaig shivers my bones. Oh, how I wish to return to the land of my beloved Fireleaves!

I care not who reads these words. I care not if these words ever be read in the first place. I care for the opaqueness of creation, of something being brought to this natural world. I do this act, with a solemn plea to Yavum, the Almighty Lightbringer, that my words be immaculate and blessed.”

Begin the litany of grief.
Sing the Song of Sorrows.

This is the Epic as chanted by Makata Huni, greatest storyteller of the Lakungdulan Isles, whose name lives on in the words that thrive in the hearts of his listeners.

This is a story of unlikely heroes who live in a land writhing in its Age of Agonies — a world that has long since passed its prime, and is now reliving a cycle of darkness.  A story of how these unlikely heroes are carried by that thing called Tadhana to unlikely events. A story of how these heroes awaken to the potential boiling in their hearts and bloods and beings.

A story of truth. The truth that the Descendants of the God-Heroes that liberated the world from the tyrannical Mad Sky God have been unveiled, and thus begins the turning point of the Age of Agonies.

Join these heroes as they venture forth into the Land of the Fireleaves, in the Heart of the World, and obtain their ultimate destiny.

A destiny fractured into two:

A destiny of reborn glories?

Or a destiny of inevitable demise?

Makata Huni reads the truth in the dance of the fireleaves. The legends of their deeds.

This is what the fireleaves danced.

The dance begins here.


This is a web serial — that is, a novel serialized into the internet — that is free for all to read. It follows a cast of characters as they go through a land inspired by Filipino Myth. I wrote it when I was inspired by the vast swathes of usual Western European Myth, and then saw The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote Fantasy but with his own Polish bent. I loved the feel and unfamiliarity of it despite using conventional monsters and tropes, and decided to set out and write it.

In summation, this is an Epic Fantasy with a world inspired by Filipino Mythology, the Ancient Filipino world, as well as the Colonial Filipino period. Will it expand to other areas of the world of Lugan? We don’t know. But for now, we venture into the Lakungdulan Isles.

As this goes along I will be developing the world of Lugan in my personal blog, Cosmogonist.

Also, I will be posting this up on RoyalRoad Legends (royalroadl.com)!